AST as presenter at seminar about future utilization of straw

In cooperation with INBIOM, The Danish innovation Network for Biomas, Agro Business Park in Foulum hosted a seminar about the future utilization of straw. The seminar took place on December 6, 2018, and brought attention to the possibilities that exist with straw, especially related to biogas production. AST contributed with a company presentation, as well as various networking activities. By doing so, AST ensured important exposure of AST’s new methods and the MUBIC project.

The presentation, which was given by AST Technical Director Svend Hoff, can be viewed here: AST Company Presentation

What was the seminar all about?

The focal point of the seminar was straw, and more specifically, how to utilize straw in the best possible way. Some of the questions that were discussed during the day, concerned:

  • What is straw used for and how can it be used in a better way?
  • How far are we with new tehnologies?
  • Is there a greater potential with other types of biomass comapred to straw?
  • How can straw of a lower quality be used for biogas production?

The seminar concluded with a sense that there is a huge potential with straw utilization going forward, especially related to pre-treatment and biogas production.

To read more about the seminar (only avaliable in Danish) and see the full lineup, follow the link below.
Seminar – the future utilization of straw