The innovation behind MUBIC project is that it creates a resource cycle between biogas production, mushroom production, and energy & nutrient recovery. This establishes a sustainable circular system where low value waste is converted to high value food.

Project Background

Mushroom producers either make their own substrate or purchase it from external suppliers. Once the mushrooms are harvested, the used substrate cannot be reused and needs to be eliminated, which is costly. On the other hand, the huge challenge for biogas plants is in securing the raw material supply that is used to produce biogas. Thus, there is increasing competition for biomass in general (especially biogas).
AST has developed an innovative method to produce a new substrate that enables optimal recovery of nutrients and provides highly efficient use of biomass at low costs. The solution focuses on mushroom production based on the new substrate in partnership with Panbo Systems. When using the Panbo system, a 50% reduction in substrate production costs can be realized, nutrients that would otherwise be lost can be recovered, and biogas production optimized. Read more about the project consortium here.
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